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It’s Time to Nominate Award Candidates and apply for Best Practice Grants!

      •New Achiever

               •Outstanding Professional

                        •Outstanding Service Awards

                                •Outstanding Friend Award

  • Best Practice Grants

We encourage you to complete the nomination forms and nominate a MAFCS colleague for the New Achiever, Outstanding Professional, or Outstanding Service Awards.  There are so many members in our organization who meet the criteria for these awards, so please take a few minutes to nominate them!  MAFCS also has an Outstanding Friend Award for an individual or a company who supports our profession but is not eligible for membership.  If you have or are working with a “friend”, please nominate them for this award.

Nominations for New Achiever, Outstanding Professional, Outstanding Service and Outstanding Friend are due by January 4, 2019.  

  • Outstanding Professional: An MAFCS member who has demonstrated outstanding support and accomplishments in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • Outstanding Service: An individual member who continually gives of them self within our organization to serve in the many capacities needed to keep our organization top notch.

  • Outstanding Friend: An individual or group who is not a member of MAFCS but who shows continued support in the profession as an “outsider”.

  • New Achievers Award: An emerging professional who has shown potential for making significant contributions in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. Must have at least 3 years but not more than 8 years of service to the Family and Consumer Sciences field and is an active member of MAFCS. The New Achievers Award was introduced in 1984 to recognize emerging professionals who have shown potential for making significant contributions in the field of family and consumer sciences.

2018-19 MAFCS Award Nomination Form

  • Best Practice Grant: So often FACS teachers have clever and engaging learning activities that require some extra dollars from an already tight budget…It is for this reason the Education Community sponsors up to four (4) $250 Best Practice Grants each year. Best Practice Grants have provided financial funding for professional aprons, an all-in-one audio system, career materials, chef’s jackets, curriculum materials, plus support for an “Iron Chef” bake off competition! Please download the Best Practice Grant Application form below, make time to fill it out, and submit your request by FRIDAY JANUARY 4, 2019 to be awarded at the MAFCS Annual Conference and Meeting.


    A Best Practice Grant is a great way to get your creative teaching idea and lesson that involves expense initiated and delivered to students! It’s a way to make what seems impossible….POSSIBLE! The MAFCS-Education Community is looking forward to receiving your application!

2018-2019 Best Practice Grant Application

Send the forms to:  MAFCS Awards & Recognition Committee c/o Karen Smith,

2328 Eastwood Circle, Monticello, MN 55362

E-mail Karen Smith with questions or concerns. 

Also note that all nominations and applications are to be received by January 4, 2019.