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2019 Conference in review 

Press Release

Minnesota Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

2019 MAFCS Symposium

The Minnesota Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Symposium was held at the Minnesota Department of Education in Roseville, Minnesota on February 5, 2019 with the theme “Nourishing FCS Sustainability.”

The symposium was presided by Deborah Larson, MAFCS President. Presenters addressed content relevant to Family and Consumer Sciences in business and education.  Major presentations included community food systems, sustainability in teaching FCS in middle and high school, sustainability and food systems, financial resources, early childhood workforce, addressing food waste and composting options, and equity on advocacy.

Awards were granted for dedication and service to the association to members who have shown outstanding effort in the area of promotion, development, and community relations to the profession of Family and Consumer Sciences in business and the classroom.

MAFCS 2019 Award Winners

Outstanding Service Award: Marie Winker, Retired Teacher

Outstanding Friend of MAFCS: Department of Family Consumer Science, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Outstanding Professional: Marian Dombrock, Retired Teacher & Cherry Cramer, Teacher at Dakota County Area Learning School, CTE and Alternative Learning Center

New Achiever Award: Krysten Dane, Teacher at Glencoe-Silver Lake School District

Teacher of the Year: Amanda Herman, Teacher at Anoka School District

Best Practice Grant: Lisa Krause, Teacher at Becker School District

MAFCS Scholarship Award: Holly Hokenson, Teacher at Arlington School District & Ashley Lostetter, Teacher at Buffalo School District

Check out the Awards PPT here!

2018 Conference in review 

The 2018 MAFCS Annual conference held February 7-9th in Rochester, MN at the Kahler Grand Hotel was an awesome experience!   Click here to visit the conference program on to review any notes or presentations from the speakers!

2017 Conference in review

2017 “Mastering the Art of Family & Consumer Sciences” Top 25

Holiday Inn- Downtown Duluth, Minnesota

  1. Wine & Canvas Fundraiser Night!

  2. “What is a Quality FACS Program?”

  3. “ Why Does it Matter What I Eat?”

  4. “The Techie Teacher”

  5. “Scott Graden, Chef, Owner, & Cookbook Author of New Scenic Cafe”

  6. “Piece by Piece: A Quiltmaker’s Journey”

  7. “Promoting FACS with 1 Minute Videos”

  8. “Honoring the Harvest: Practical Strategies to Improve Nutrition While Reducing Food Waste”

  9. “Locally Laid”

  10. “Conflict Styles Workshop”

  11. “The “Growing” Field of Textiles”

  12. “Let’s Talk About Diversity”

  13. “It’s Time for Something Different- BreakoutEDU”

  14. “Google and the FACS Classroom”

  15. “Why Choose ProStart?”

  16. “Bringing FACS Classroom Skills into the Community- Featuring a Home Decoration Project”

  17. “The ART of Leadership”

  18. “New Teacher Workshop”

  19. “Essential Oil Craze! Clean Living with Essential Oils”

  20. “Super Seeds from Flax”

  21. “Smart Snacks get a Jumpstart with ProStart”

  22. “Alex Tech. Interior Design “

  23. “BestPrep: Free Programs to Prepare Students with Business, Career, and Financial Literacy”

  24. “TOY: Creating Successful Early Childhood Career and College Readiness Connections!”


2016 Conference in review

FACS Frameworks Intro – Deborah Larson & Dr. Jill Conlon

Lunch Keynote Address  “Making Fitness a Family Value”  Kara Douglass Thom

  1. “Teacher Cadet Training Program”

  2. “Digital Property—Where Does It Go When You Die?”

  3. “Best Prep: Free Experiential Classroom Programs that Prepare Students with Business, Career and Financial Literacy Skills that Inspire Success in Work and Life”

  4. “STEM in Interior Design—You Bet!”

  5. “Please Pass the Peas—Strategies for Working with Picky Eaters”

  6. “Project-Based Learning from the Ground Up: Individualizing Education in the New Country Way”

  7. “Estate Planning Basics: Wills, Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney”

  8. “A Selection of Research from the University of Minnesota Related to Food, Nutrition, and Health Disparities”

  9. “Life Reimagined – Navigating Life’s Transitions with Purpose”

  10. “Food Allergens, Sensitivities, and Restrictions—What Can I Eat?”

  11. “Exploring the Creation of Art with Fabric”

  12. 2016 MAFCS Teacher of the Year Lori Young

  13. Why Choose ProStart?”

  14. “LifeSmarts—The Ultimate Consumer Challenge”

  15. “A Practitioner’s Approach to Building Cultural Awareness; Financial Capability Education for American Indian Families and Communities”

  16. “CommonGround: Where Our Food Comes From”

  17. “Teach/Meet – Sharing of Best Practices and Networking with Geographic Communities”

  18. “FACS Frameworks”

  19. “Food Skills as a Public Health Priority: The Minnesota Food Charter and the Future of Family & Consumer Sciences in Addressing Obesity”

  20. “Working with Special Populations”

  21. “Let’s Celebrate How FACS and CTE Are Leading the Way!”

  22. “Snack Laws”

  23. “FCCLA Leadership”

  24. “Promoting FACS through a Blog and Selling through Etsy”

2015 Conference in review

Keynote Address:  “Balance Your Conflict”                       Dr. Jody Janati Ed. D. - University of Minnesota

 1. “Accumulating and Managing Assets in your 20’s and 30’s”           Mike Leach, Financial Advisor, EFS Advisors

2.  “Using Social Media with Teens”                      Dr. Jeanne Anderson & Mrs. Kristen Carlson, St. Cloud State University  


3.  “54321+8 Countdown to Your Health ”          Maureen Lyons, Learning Zone Express

4. “ Smart snack in Schools - Healthy Snack Laws”       Jenna Amundson, Minnesota Department of Education  

5.  “Accumulating and Managing Assets in your 40’s and 50’s”           Mike Leach, Financial Advisor – EFS Advisors

6.  “Kitchen Chemistry: Earning Science Credit in the FACS Program”      Mary Levinski & Trudy Sowada 

7.  “Tools for Interior Design in the Classroom”    Betty Ravnik, ASID, CMKBD  and Robyn Stepniak, Instructors, Alexandria Technical and  Community College

  8.  “ProStart provides a "Professional Start" for your Students!”  Betty Fisk, Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation

 Keynote Address: “CTE and You: Transform and Lead Learning that Works”  Paula Palmer, Minnesota Department of Education  

  9.  “Accumulating and Managing Assets in your Retirement Years”     Mike Leach, Financial Advisor – EFS Advisors

10.  “Kitchen Chemistry: Earning Science Credit in the FACS Program”         Mary Levinski & Trudy Sowada 

11.  “More Apps for FACS“     Ashley Nelson, FACS Educator, Milaca High School

12. “Financial Literacy in the Schools”         Steve Lovejoy, Trustone Financial 

13.  “Digital Property: Where does it go when you die?        Betsy Whitlatch, Attorney – Gray, Plant, Moody

14. “Family and Consumer Sciences + 21st Century Skills = Career Readiness."    Deb Larson – MAFCS President and FACS Teacher   

15.  “Building a Productive and Styled Wardrobe”              Lindsey Kuhn, Lead Stylist & Owner of Fashion Fix

16.  "Sugar Shock- Rethink Your Food and Drink"                            Maureen Lyons, Learning Zone Express

17.  “Careers in Fashion Management”          Kristin Daby, Instructor – Alexandria Technical and Community College 

18.  “Estate Planning Basics: Wills, Health Care Directives, and Powers of Attorney”      Betsy Whitlatch, Attorney – Gray, Plant, Moody

19.  “Education Minnesota – What can it do for You?”               Shelley Kerber, Education Minnesota

20.  "Creating an Organized and Effective Closet Space"     Lindsey Kuhn, Lead Stylist & Owner of Fashion Fix

FCCLA Resources - Wendy Ambrose 

2014 Conference in Review


Gerry Luepke planned yet another amazingly successful excursion experience for MAFCS members. 

Excursion Participants enjoy lunch at Cossetta's in downtown Saint Paul.

Excursion Participants enjoy lunch at Cossetta's in downtown Saint Paul.

Silent Auction

The MAFCS annual conference Silent Auction was a huge success!  Thank you to all who contributed the 77 items.  The tasty, custom designed, unique, creative 1 of-a-kind, practical, beautiful, celebratory, unique and personal story items completely adorned many tables in Lake of the Isles Room at the Minneapolis Boulevard Hotel.  Oh such a wonderful array of colorful auction items! The Silent Auction ran from 8 AM to 5 PM on January 31.   Thank you also goes to the bidders—so many conference attendees participated as shoppers!  Once the bidding closed and when the bid sheets were tabulated a total of $1,259.00 was earned for MAFCS!  The Silent Auction committee is very appreciative of everyone’s generous support by providing an abundance of awesome items.  The new Cooking With Class II cookbook was won by the Minnesota Beef Council whose gift basket filled with lots of “goodies” plus a $50.00 gift certificate, had the highest bid.  Congratulations Minnesota Beef Council!  Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun component of the recent MAFCS annual conference.


HUG$-NPS (New Professional Support) and Scholarship Update

A big “thank you” to those who contributed to the MAFCS HUG$-NPS and Scholarship programs at the MAFCS annual conference.   The HUG$-NPS funds are used to support and encourage MAFCS pre-professional undergraduate and graduate student members.  HUGS$ helps to offset student costs related to attending the MAFCS state and the AAFCS national conferences.  Plus NPS assists a new professional (defined as an individual in the first 3 years of an entry level professional position who no longer qualifies for the AAFCS student and/or new professional’s membership) get started and network in the FACS profession.

The purpose of the scholarship fund is to help high potential undergraduate and graduate students with financial assistance and encourage them to continue in their studies.  It recognizes scholastic ability, leadership and professional potential.

Sarah Ware was the winner the Cooking With Class II cookbook.  Congratulations Sarah!  A big “Thank You” to everyone who contributed to these MAFCS programs!  The committee (and future recipients) is very grateful for your generous financial support!


Thank you so much for attending the MAFCS State Conference and for your generosity in bringing nonperishable food items (tuna, peanut butter, dry cereals, pasta and pasta meals), cash and personal checks for Caring & Sharing Hands* in Minneapolis.  This food drive represented our organization’s first project to begin the year-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF).  Sharing & Caring Hands was selected because its mission is to make a difference in the lives of others—individuals, families and children who are less fortunate—It is truly a compassionate response to the needs of the poor.

MAFCS members donated 74 pounds (109 items) of food PLUS $55!  Marian Dombrock was met by a most grateful Maria, when she delivered the bags of food on February 5.  The MAFCS envelope with the money went to Mary Jo Copeland, founder and director.  Everything you gave was SO appreciated!  Please know that your gifts have blessed and helped many to enjoy meals these foods provided.  THANK YOU! 

*Sharing & Caring Hands receives no government or United Way funding and relies solely on donations to do their work.



Weren't able to make it to a specific session at the conference?  

Some of our presenters have provided a digital copy of their presentation and/or notes for your reference!

Keynote Address:  “Food and Our Future”   Susan J. Crockett

 1. “School Garden 101”      Anne Dybsetter

2.  “Apps for FACS”      Ashley Davis

3.  “Families 2.0: How Families Interact in the 21st Century”    Dan Moen

4. “Isn't it time to Can the Clutter?!”   Jan Lehman

5.  “Building Resiliency in Times of Change”       Dr. Sharon M. Danes

6.  “Textiles, Trends, and Teaching...Oh My!”    Dr. Jill Conlon

7.  “Reading in the FACS Content Area”    Linda Keller

8.  “Preventing Identify Theft”      Pete Orput

Keynote Address: “Family & Consumer Sciences as a Gateway to STEM”      Susan Turgeson

9.  “Curriculum and Technology Trends: Fashion & Apparel Careers”    Anu Pasricha

10. “Developing Financially Capable Students”        Lori Hendrickson, Becky Hagen Jokela & Lois Lewis

11.  “Using STEM to Help Your Program Blossom“      Susan Turgeson

12. “Fashion Styling 101: What to wear and how to wear it”   Carly Gatzlaff

General Assembly “Academy Proposal Update from AAFCS”      Deb Larson

Keynote Address: “The Power of You: Defining Your Legacy”   Dr.Verna C. Price

Keynote Address:  “Building the Smallest Democracy at the Heart of Society”   Julene K. Swenson

13.  “The Growing Classroom - Learning Local”   Karen Smith & Alyssa Ambrosius

14.  “Mastering Milkweed: Design Exploration from Floss to Fashion”     Trudy Landgren

15.  “Mental Health – School & Community”  Donna Nelson, Linda Seifried, Hilary Bearmon

16.  "Thoughtful Parenting"  Jeanne Bymark

17.  “Introduction to Technology in FACS”  Ashley Davis

18.  “Best Practice Teaching Strategies in Interpersonal Relationships”    Maxine Peterson

19. "Making a Difference in Jinja, Uganda"   Marian Dombrock

20.  “Stress/Anxiety/Depression”   Cindy Lovelette

Keynote Address: Does FACS Matter in the 21st Century?     Mary Gunderson